Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aku kini seorang surarumah berkelulusan ijazah kejuruteraan. So, perhaps life is not as peachy after studies. I mean, u wake up in the morning, take a shower, brush your teeth yada yada...and then what do you do?
My first trip in the mornings after the showers would be the kitchen, hunting for breakfast. Yes, hunting. Unlike most, its not usually set on the table (especially during the weekdays), so this means id go thru the fridge or bread bin, finding and eating what i can before mum comes home with lunch. I'd do the dishes sometimes, and even the laundry if i feel like it. And that is basically all the action i get all morning.


yeah...i noe..

The house right now is in a state where it is unable to receive any guests. The whole family is moving overseas and we have a lot of stuff that is waiting to be packed. Everywhere there seems to be something in piles, waiting for the packers to come and take them away. Sucks not being able to follow the family moving, but I guess with work starting, i cant complain. Lets just hope i can save up enough money to go there for a decent holiday before they move back here.

Ill be starting work at Shell Refinery Company this 1st of July. Thank Heavens i wont have to go jobless any longer. I really need to be able to stand on my own two feet. seriously.
Thought of going house hunting but then found out that Shell, with all its generosity, is paying for me to stay at a hotel for 1 month while i secure a proper accomodation. thats right, 1 freakin month.
Not some hu-ha hotel either. They booked me a Deluxe King Ocean View room at the Corus Paradise Resort. a quick google finds it to be a pretty nice place. huhu
Shell was even kind enuf to provide me with a car for 1 month of use!!! wee~

Sure as hope the work enviroment there is nice and good. I am looking forward to working, especially with a company as big as this. lets hope it will be as good as i expect it to be.

to my comrades who have already started working, congratulations and good luck.
to those still at home, i wish u all the best.


someone please, for the love of God, suggest me a good song to listen too!!!!


ChErRynEsS said...


aarrgghh so jeles~ :P
dpt dok hotel for a month n free
lucky u fasyi~

iLLy said...

congratulations on ur new job...

selamat bekerja~!!!

Fariz Azhar said...

corus is best..ada spa...kalau letih2 leh laa g sana...but, laki2 urut cross gender...haram..hehe~