Sunday, March 22, 2009

Telah di tag oleh cik jazlin. maka, aku dengan x punyai aktiviti lain, aku jawab tag ini dengan segera!!


  1. The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below.
  2. Then, you must choose a picture in the first page of result and post it as your answer.
  3. After that tag 12 people.
Age of my next birthday = 23

The place I would like to travel to = Japan

vending2 machine memang bersepah di japan. Every corner there is a vending machine it seems. huhu~~

The favorite place = Akihabara

aku tech nut and gadget freak. and akihabara mmg best untuk get urself updated on what technology have to offer. huhu

The favorite food = sup daging

The nickname I had = fusyi@fasyi2

aku ade company sendiri tuuu~~

The favorite colour = Red

The city I live in (For now) = Subang Jaya

summit usj, depan area rumah aku

The city I was born in = Klang

College major =Electrical Electronics Engineering (Instrumentation and Control)

Bad habit = Ponteng kelas

budak ni pura2 demam kot agaknya, nak ponteng skolah. hoho~~

Hobby = photography


Wishlist = Nikon D3


nak kene tag orang lain ke?


Friday, March 20, 2009

sbulan, cukup sbulan..

aih, malang betul nasib pelajar utp, mencaci, mengumpul dosa tiap kali bukak browser mereka. aku yakin, dalam sehari, pasti ade se ekor b*b* yang disembur keluar, ditujukan ke arah penyelia internet, wireless, hotspot, dan seangkatan.

aku kini di rumah, setelah sekian lama teperap di kawasan padang guling Tronoh panas.



creative mood flowing?


It has been one heck of a month.
A lot of things happenned and traspired.
Good things.
everyday things.
effin bad and crazy things too.

I find myself at the junction, where the question of "Where is your darn future headed bro?", cannot remain unanswered. The economic turmoil, no new matter to this coutry, has inevitably struck once again, another coming in its by decade cycle. I am sure, would be graduates, my comrades, are now scarmbling to find means and ways to secure a job for the future.

The future they say, looks bleak. I remember back when the economy was in a slump back in '97. There were talks on retrenching, saving, and buying Malaysian made products.

Students who were supposed to further their studies under scholarships, were duly dissapointed as most were unable to fly overseas. A local education proved to be a more economically safer option.

and there i was, some belasan tahun, thinking.
"This things will blow past me, im still a kid"


now, all finallly final yeared, im graduating with my fellow comrades into an economic downturn. Everywhere, companies are freezing their recruitments, narrowing the job market, and making competition between job seekers alike that more competitive.

Dulu mimpi berkerja dengan syarikat2 besar, berkereta besar, rumah besar, dompet tebal.