Monday, May 18, 2009

Aku rasa ilmu kreatif aku makin kurang.

Eton dah lama x beraksi bersama rakanya Jamal & adik beradiknya. Kutip debu dan kuman kecil di atas almari bilik, keseorangan.

X ada inspirasi nak membawa jalan2. Aku blame aktiviti tahun akhir, sedut semua tenaga kreatif rakan-rakan (yang bulat dan yang kurang bulat) tembak yang lain.

KedaiGambar CS3 lama sudah aku x bukak, memori pc aku yang tukun x mampu nk tanggung matlab, opis dan pdf, mahu pula tambah dgn cs3...silap haribulan tahun, letup x tentu pasal.
Its a wonder my pc still works after all these years, still zippy thank God.

mahu outing shooting, seriously...soooooon

surat provisional offer sudah terima melalui emel petang td. lega sedikit, at least dh ade black and white.
Mereka mahu aku lapor diri 1st july, which means ill have about 2 weeks of total holiday, then its off to work.
Not sure if its a good thing, or a bad thing.

But i am looking forward to the first pay check. ($_$) *kaching*

ps: tubs, i aint treating u until u treat me TGI's :P

Bulan 6 ini, ada urbanscape(ke?) , gadis mana mahu ikut aku?
jom, kita date.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baru abes first week of exam.

4 paper dah setel,
FOUR in a week

nasib badan bukan core paper, but still...berasap kepala nak jawab, not to mention penat goreng jawapan yang masih x pasti betul ke tak.

(aku hebat goreng nasi, nugget dan jawapan mengarut....apparently)

abaikan, aku dah kat rumah, cuti kejap..lain hari risaukan.

Its partially official, dengan izin Allah yang Maha Pemurah, syarikat minyak milik Belanda, cawangan Malaysia, has seen it fit to offer me a position. Instumentation Engineer katanya.

Alhamdulillah, syukur.


dah due mingu dah rasanya, tapi masih x dapat surat lagi.


ah, sudah tentu.

sbb itu aku sebut 'partially' official. baru offer melalui telefon, belum ada surat, mahupun email.

harap2, sampai secepat mungkin.

restless selagi x dpt black and white.

call me..insecure. ngeh...

I count the years ive spent as an academic.

17 years, total. An age of an adolescent.

Its no wonder i have now somewhat grown wearisome of studying. Of formal education. Yes, i do want to pursue my masters, or if God willing, my doctorate....but not now...
no..not now..

lets push the pause button on that for a while, at least..kan?

but think of where we are now, think about it. you, I, we, are where we are based on the decisions made since the start of our academic journey way back when.

I wonder, if i had not grown up among legos, and mekano, and robot toys, would i have been keen on technical things?
If i had went and continued my studies on an American education system, would i be where I am now? How would it differ?
If i not had decided to major what i am in now, what would i be doing now?

point here is, as unclear as it may be due to the limit of my writing capabilities, we are where we are as aresult of a hundred million choices that we made, we chose, along the way.


im not making sense ea..


just ate, full like crazy, and i am having trouble chaining my thoughts together.



Friday, May 1, 2009

A few more weeks before the end of the semester, also the end of my 4 year programme here in. Graduating to join the workforce and leave the finals and tests behind for at least a while.

How do i feel about it?

mixed i guess.

there's the thought of finally be ridding of bookworming, and finally be able to stand a chance to be financially Independent. (shit, i needed a spell check to spell independent right)
and there is the thought of not ever meeting some of the people you know on campus, people who your life revolved and involved around past 4 years.

gain something, as you lose something...i guess..


Soon to be graduates, most are running around attending interviews here and there. However, i have observed that in the economic slowdown that we are unfortunately having, most employers are now taking advantage. There has been a few interviews where they seem to radiate a "more holier than thou" aura.
They know that most are pushing hard to secure a job, and they being the one offering, have more bargaining power.

To help in the small way that i can, ill give a brief overview of interviews of i attended, and the items asked. This might only interest engineering students btw.

Bumi Armada:
This was done on campus, and it seems that according to the interviewer, is the first of many stages. The interview revolves around your resume, focusing on any activities done where u were in a particular position of power (leader etc). You'll be asked to review on your role, how you overcome challenges, how you delegate and etc.
They have not called me up for a follow up, so I think i phailed this one.

The first stage is a communications test. You'll be asked to pick a topic out from a box, a random topic, and asked to talk about it for at least 3 mins. Now, the topics can vary from rock formations, to cars, to Disney movies (no, im not joking). One of my colleague got the question
"What did you learn from Disney?".
I'm not sure about the things they observe in the first stage. Although i talked and felt confident in my words, my name did not pop up for the second stage of the SLB interview.
However i have heard that the second stage is a group work, where every little details count. Follow instructions religiously, as they will find the slightest reason to reject you. Even reasons as small as writing your answers on the wrong side of the paper!

Shell has been infamous for its multi level interview like SLB. However the first interview is the one that kills.
The first interview is a one on one interview, divided into three sections:
1) career preference
you will be asked on your preferred work location and availabe dates. this is very basic.
2) past project discussion
You'll be asked to describe a project that you have done, preferably where u were the team leader. You'll then be asked to review on your performance, on how the team worked together. They will ask you on whether there were internal conflicts when you did the project, here be honest. Dont go all fairy tale as say "my team was very cooperative and work together-gether wan". Highlight on ANY conflicts, because the aim of the interview is to see how to handle conflicts and difference in opinions within your team. On the steps taken to overcome the conflict, the effects of your action and also how you talk to your group mates. Be specific in you actions, on how you handle the problems asked by the interviewer. there will be questions like
"How do you measure your own progress?"
"How do you set your own goals?"
"How do you ensure that your team mates are following the plan?"
Be prepared for these kind of questions. If you can answer them, then youre already in a good position.

3) Topic discusssion
For the last part of the interview, you'll be given a list of topics and be asked to chose one you feel comfortable talking about. Now the list of topics are quite a few, but not all will be available to you.
My advice is go through the website, there are a few articles there that relates to the topic. Here its more of a general knowlege questions answer session. You'll be asked on what you understand about the topic, its effect for global companies like shell, and also its effect on the stakeholders. Again, be specific, dont generalize. Most of the points are in the articles found on the shell website.
And be persistent, as the interviewer will always ask for more. Just give them everything you have on ur mind.
this is the hardest part of the interview for me, so come prepared.

now, should you make it past the first stage, you will be called up for the second stage which is the Shell Recruitment Day.
As its name implies, this is a one whole day interview with other candidates of the same backgroud as u.
There is a case study, where you will be give a ton of material to go thru. You will need to identify 3 main crisis out of many, and propose plans for short term as well as long term. You will also need to identify items such as its impact, and also whether it is able to solve any other crisis faced.
Prep time is 1.5 hours, and presentation time is 30 mins. Be sure ure comfortable with presenting your ideas clearly and able to justify them accordingly.

The second part is the group discussion, and is the easiest part. basically ure to mock a meeting between different level of organization, and propose ideas. You are required to reach a unanimous decision by the end of the meeting.
Here they will observe on how you push your ideas, how u influence others, and how you receive others ideas. Its not about being the best man at the table, but the best team player at the table.

The last part is the technical interview. As its name implies, all things asked are technical. You are to choose one past tech project that you did, relevant to the position that you are applying. That being said, choose to talk about one of your projects that you know 100% of! They will ask you all the details of your project, from the methodology, to the application details. If you lucky (or unlucky), you asessor will bea hiring manager with the same background as you. SO IF U IMPRESS THEM , HIGH CHANCES FOR YOU SECURING A POSITION THEN AND THERE!!!!

if you are sucessful, they will call you the next day with the good news. yes, its that quick.


I wish you luck for those going for upcoming interviews.

You're a winner for a lifetime If you seize that one moment in time Make it shine

websites that might interest engineering graduates:

have a nice weekend people.