Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baru abes first week of exam.

4 paper dah setel,
FOUR in a week

nasib badan bukan core paper, but still...berasap kepala nak jawab, not to mention penat goreng jawapan yang masih x pasti betul ke tak.

(aku hebat goreng nasi, nugget dan jawapan mengarut....apparently)

abaikan, aku dah kat rumah, cuti kejap..lain hari risaukan.

Its partially official, dengan izin Allah yang Maha Pemurah, syarikat minyak milik Belanda, cawangan Malaysia, has seen it fit to offer me a position. Instumentation Engineer katanya.

Alhamdulillah, syukur.


dah due mingu dah rasanya, tapi masih x dapat surat lagi.


ah, sudah tentu.

sbb itu aku sebut 'partially' official. baru offer melalui telefon, belum ada surat, mahupun email.

harap2, sampai secepat mungkin.

restless selagi x dpt black and white.

call me..insecure. ngeh...

I count the years ive spent as an academic.

17 years, total. An age of an adolescent.

Its no wonder i have now somewhat grown wearisome of studying. Of formal education. Yes, i do want to pursue my masters, or if God willing, my doctorate....but not now...
no..not now..

lets push the pause button on that for a while, at least..kan?

but think of where we are now, think about it. you, I, we, are where we are based on the decisions made since the start of our academic journey way back when.

I wonder, if i had not grown up among legos, and mekano, and robot toys, would i have been keen on technical things?
If i had went and continued my studies on an American education system, would i be where I am now? How would it differ?
If i not had decided to major what i am in now, what would i be doing now?

point here is, as unclear as it may be due to the limit of my writing capabilities, we are where we are as aresult of a hundred million choices that we made, we chose, along the way.


im not making sense ea..


just ate, full like crazy, and i am having trouble chaining my thoughts together.



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