Tuesday, September 30, 2008

kerana aku malas untuk sms rangkai,




cane aku nak centerkan ni..(-_-")..abaikan

Monday, September 29, 2008

English people, english!


lucu, seorang rakan baru sahaja realisasikan satu perkara kepada aku..

Raya tahun depan, tak dapat dah aku nak mintak duit raya (harap2 sudah bekerja masa ini)

jadi tahun ini tebal muka sket, mintak duit raya..huhu~


maybe its just me, but i feel irritated, sort of, when people talk funny english..and by mean of funny is...erm..how should i put it into word...
talk with error u would expect came from a primary kid....seriously..

bukan nak berkata yang bahasa jajahan aku hebat, tapi aku rasa macam mahu sahaja betulkan mereka2 yang sering kali buat kesalahan2 yang tak munasabah..

past tense, future tense and what not, we probably should have it under our belt right about now. i mean, we've only been learning the darn language for at least the last 12 years..ok, im not dissing at all mind you, im just referring to people who are going to be professionals one day. engineers, public officials and what not.

and what's worse, is that some of these people, some of em, like to talk in front of people , in formal events!! wargh!(i call them mic-hoggers, cannot see a mic on a stand, unattended) do u realize your speaking funny english to the masses, as a representative of us all!!
ok, i appreciate the effort, but heck, i feel like i want to go bury my face somewhere..

try test yourself. write an essay in Microsoft Word or something. If u have a lot of green squiggly lines here and there, they are there not for decorations my friend. Seriously, and the software is not bugged either..so dont kid yourself. the occasional typo is forgivable, but lines like:

"I thinking that maybe we should expanding the company"

"The plan is to taking over the country"

u think the boss will take you seriously after that line?

and remember the phone interview between al-jazeera and one of our minister? yeah, an elected minister, elected official, representing Malaysia!

seriously, even if he was right in his argument, the point did not make such an impact. I am sorry, but that is the truth.

we want our kids to speak proper english in the future, but we're talking like hillbillies..no offense..

hypocritical. im writing with jumbled up structures,and here i am giving lectures on proper usage of english. *dush2*

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I know, its a little early

If any of u would like to get me a gift for any occasion. I'd like one o' these:

its a Yashica Electro Rangefinder.


kamu beli dulu, dan kemudian kasi aku. aku tunjukkan.;p

kalau masih ingin tahu, flikr kan sahaja, dan tgk hasil2 gambar.

film, ah the good ol days.

I have always been a cutting edge kinda person, but this old technology, just turns me ON.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

You are an angel, and i am but a man-Rhymeweaver

Aku dengki..


dengki dgn blogger2 kaum hawa. Aku dengki kerana mereka selesa mengisi blog mereka dengan kata2 manis dari hati. kata2 yang mencerminkan perasaan mereka, perasaan kasih sayang, persaan jiwa.

lelaki, kalau blog mereka jiwang, sudah pasti tak akan dicop homo, tak stabil, dan mat jiwang.
unless of course, they blog anonymously...;p

aku suka membaca blog yang ditulis gadis2, kerana aku masih lagi gagal membaca isi hati gadis2 secara puratanya. Ada sahaja ilusi yang mengaburi mata aku ini tiap kali aku cuba menilik pemikiran mereka, menyelam perasaan. Aku dulu ada beberapa kali cuba meneka dengan naluri jantan aku ini, isi hati rakan2 gadis di sekeliling.

Sahaja, mahu test theory and put it to practice.

What happened?

Nothing, aku gagal mebuktikan apa barang theory.;p

disclaimer:aku bukan playboy, dan tak mengaku apa-apa dalam region itu. Muka tak cukup jambu mahupn kacak seperti artis2 untuk dikelilingi gadis2..

usaha aku sekarang?

kini aku bloghopping, membaca blog2 rakan2 gadis, sebab aku rasa entri mereka memang selalu berkait dengan ini hati naluri mereka.

salah satu usaha aku untuk memahami, dan manalah tahu, satu hari dapat membongkar rahsia mereka dengan sepenuhnya.

A guy can try, right? lol~

selamat sahur~

Perihal raya, dan seangkatannya

Raya akan datang lagi tidak lama lagi, Aidilfitri. Setelah berhempas pulas menahan dugaan makanan dan hasutan, akan tiba masa dimana diet sebulan akan disia-siakan.lol~
i've lost 5 kilos thus far, but i think ill regain them back in no time..

Raya, what does it mean to u?

Aku ingat dahulu, zaman kanak2. Pantang sahaja cuti Raya (or any cuti for that matter), the whole family will be on their way balik kampung. The 8 jam drive seems like a cookie to handle. Now,at 20 something of age, i find any travel more that 5 hours, daunting..;p

Owh, did i mention both my parents are from Kelantan?

Me:Been a while since I went back to kelantan.
long pause...
Person A: You orang kelantan ke? You dont look kelantanese.
ade rupe meh kltn ppl?
Me: I get that a lot..not looking remotely kelantan bit.
Person A: Really?
Me: Some say, if they had to guess...i look....Mexican..
Person A: ......(-_-!!)..wtfish..

Raya now has whole new sense of meaning, other than balik kampung and main mercun, lumba basikal sampai masuk parit at grandma's (i have bad luck with vehicles with 2 tires or less). Its fundamental roots only i have just realized as of late.

Raya, its about brotherhood, and family.

It's once in a year alasan for u to visit ur distant cousins, for u to say hi to ur always busy uncle who is always working. For u as a family to sit down as a unit, dressed nicely and fabulously, and have a meal together, take a picture together, forgive each other for their wrongs in the past year. Tell me, what other good alasan can u think of to visit people's houses ramai2?

people always say, what are friends for?
how bout we change that, or add to that.

What is family for?

i just bukak puasa. kenyang like crazy. a quick entry before i hit the showers.

have fun people.


Grandmas (one grandma from each side of the family), i wont be in kelantan for raya, so if any of u happen to have internet access at ur house, and by chance of God, learned how to navigate a computer web browser, and miraculously know the url address of this blog, and is reading this entri..

Selamat Hari Raya. Nanti bile cuti dan ada rezeki, Fasyan balik Kelantan. :D

Friday, September 26, 2008

Its about a lion, and the people.

Something i just wanted to share..

i almost cried myself silly. ngaaa

You talk boldly, way over there.

I find blogging to be a fun way for people to exchange ideas, give opinions, and let feelings out for others to note, and read, and perhaps take as an informal guide (in some cases). So, i find it a crying shame, that some have abused this new found method of expression, to cause grief and start a stir among its readers, and users.

I'm talking about those who blog laced with hatred and barbarism, and are unable to be responsible for their own words. There are some who are willing to go incognito in webspace, creating their own blog account, just for the sake of condemning others.
Jumping into people's blogs and starting a havoc, finding ants of a mistake, and take them to elephant proportions.

Have the balls to talk big, but no balls to show their own true identity. Hiding behind false names and aliases, and firing of words that could only mirror a fool..

such cowardice.

to these people, lets have a cup of tea together, im sure there's a lot we can talk about.


anger, not good..not gooooood...;p



I'm liking the new white environment of this new place, makes me feel less....morbid.

I've been receiving notes and questions, on why have i stopped writing. Why muffled thoughts seems to have been, discontinued. I have many a times told myself, "tonight i shall write".
But all the strings of words that i plan to vomit out onto the web, remained monologue. Plus, it did not occur to me at all, that there were actually readers. I mean, i know there are occasionally a few people who drop by to read the stuff i write, but there are some who actually take it as seriously as i do, sometimes.

It's nice feeling..:D

So here i am, renewing my faith in words that God has blessed me with. With words i hope that can convey this voice inside, that sometimes needs to be let out.

I start with this entry, and may i find inspirations to voice out more in the future, God willing.