Monday, September 29, 2008

English people, english!


lucu, seorang rakan baru sahaja realisasikan satu perkara kepada aku..

Raya tahun depan, tak dapat dah aku nak mintak duit raya (harap2 sudah bekerja masa ini)

jadi tahun ini tebal muka sket, mintak duit raya..huhu~


maybe its just me, but i feel irritated, sort of, when people talk funny english..and by mean of funny should i put it into word...
talk with error u would expect came from a primary kid....seriously..

bukan nak berkata yang bahasa jajahan aku hebat, tapi aku rasa macam mahu sahaja betulkan mereka2 yang sering kali buat kesalahan2 yang tak munasabah..

past tense, future tense and what not, we probably should have it under our belt right about now. i mean, we've only been learning the darn language for at least the last 12 years..ok, im not dissing at all mind you, im just referring to people who are going to be professionals one day. engineers, public officials and what not.

and what's worse, is that some of these people, some of em, like to talk in front of people , in formal events!! wargh!(i call them mic-hoggers, cannot see a mic on a stand, unattended) do u realize your speaking funny english to the masses, as a representative of us all!!
ok, i appreciate the effort, but heck, i feel like i want to go bury my face somewhere..

try test yourself. write an essay in Microsoft Word or something. If u have a lot of green squiggly lines here and there, they are there not for decorations my friend. Seriously, and the software is not bugged dont kid yourself. the occasional typo is forgivable, but lines like:

"I thinking that maybe we should expanding the company"

"The plan is to taking over the country"

u think the boss will take you seriously after that line?

and remember the phone interview between al-jazeera and one of our minister? yeah, an elected minister, elected official, representing Malaysia!

seriously, even if he was right in his argument, the point did not make such an impact. I am sorry, but that is the truth.

we want our kids to speak proper english in the future, but we're talking like offense..

hypocritical. im writing with jumbled up structures,and here i am giving lectures on proper usage of english. *dush2*


nymphet said...

omg i absolutely agree with u. i get annoyed the most when i hear radio DJs that speak funny. come on, its not even cute! but for a minister to speak bad english...thats just downright shameful :/

nymphet said...

btw, Selamat Hari Raya big guy

mrfusyi said...

good to see someone sharing views with me.hoho~

selamat hari raya miss nymphet~ thanks for dropping by~:D

Shira-chan said...

It annoys the heck out of me too - I'm such a grammar nazi, I check my blog entries for grammar and spelling errors at least half a dozen times before posting. And even then I still miss some!

And yet some people just can't be bothered, not even caring that it affects people's opinion of them. Oh well, whatever makes them happy. It keeps me amused, anyway.

iLLy Ramudzan said...

ahaaa~ the little typos here and there i can tolerate.

but the grammar. owh wow..

mrfusyi said...

yeah, it's sometimes amusing, i must say. especially if it seems that they are trying so hard.;p

@illy ramudzan
its job for people like you to write blogs that'll educate the masses! go go go!!

encikpundak said...

saya sekolah kampung sahaja
maafkan saya jika tatabahasa saya salah

selamat hari raya aidilfitri

afnan said...
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mrfusyi said...

tak direct kat sapa2 pon, general reminder.hoho~

skolah kampung mende kalau Seratas, elite kot.:p

selamat hari raya bro!!

NEO said...

reminds me of dato' siti's infamous "singapore are you best?!," "i love my nipples, everbody love my nipples," and "i like winnie the po-oh" (not entirely sure whether these statements were actually uttered, but that's beyond the point)

talking in english, or in any language for that matter, is an impromptu thing, its different from writting in english, i know a few friends who can write shakespeares, perfect project reports, but sucks at giving technical presentations or talking in front of a large crowd.

at the very least, they have the balls to talk in front of a large audience, they should be applaud for that. the technicality that is the english grammar is something that can be worked on (attend language classes, watch more english commercials, etc), but to have the courage/balls to stand in front of people, put your credability on the line and face the prospect of being ridiculed, that's a whole different playing field.

sure it's agonisingly painful to listen to poorly laid english sentences (i almost pulled all of my curly hair last time, heh), grit your teeth and give a pat on their shoulder for trying.

(saja nak kongsi, excellent entry bro! n thanks for the joker spoof, i laughed bucketloads at 5am! haha)

mrfusyi said...

huhu,not dissing people for talking in front bro. If u have a presentation and u need to do it, by all means please do. If someone asks for your opinion, and u want to give it, please, stand up and speak. What bothers me is people who is, as mentioned in post, mic hoggers. I've seen em loads at events and stuff, they don't have to go up and talk on stage, nobody asks them to, but they want to, and then the sputter out nonsense with bad grammar to boot. That's alarming considering sometimes, its a formal event, and these mic hoggers are giving us a bad rep, and some big people are usually around.
Its just a not so gentle reminder, because this has always been an issue.;p

plus, sampai bila right? huhu

batman spoof caused me a major ulcer. nice..

iXa said...

geez i have always spoken on this and being criticized later on. good that there's someone with the same view.