Saturday, September 27, 2008

Perihal raya, dan seangkatannya

Raya akan datang lagi tidak lama lagi, Aidilfitri. Setelah berhempas pulas menahan dugaan makanan dan hasutan, akan tiba masa dimana diet sebulan akan
i've lost 5 kilos thus far, but i think ill regain them back in no time..

Raya, what does it mean to u?

Aku ingat dahulu, zaman kanak2. Pantang sahaja cuti Raya (or any cuti for that matter), the whole family will be on their way balik kampung. The 8 jam drive seems like a cookie to handle. Now,at 20 something of age, i find any travel more that 5 hours, daunting..;p

Owh, did i mention both my parents are from Kelantan?

Me:Been a while since I went back to kelantan.
long pause...
Person A: You orang kelantan ke? You dont look kelantanese.
ade rupe meh kltn ppl?
Me: I get that a lot..not looking remotely kelantan bit.
Person A: Really?
Me: Some say, if they had to guess...i look....Mexican..
Person A: ......(-_-!!)..wtfish..

Raya now has whole new sense of meaning, other than balik kampung and main mercun, lumba basikal sampai masuk parit at grandma's (i have bad luck with vehicles with 2 tires or less). Its fundamental roots only i have just realized as of late.

Raya, its about brotherhood, and family.

It's once in a year alasan for u to visit ur distant cousins, for u to say hi to ur always busy uncle who is always working. For u as a family to sit down as a unit, dressed nicely and fabulously, and have a meal together, take a picture together, forgive each other for their wrongs in the past year. Tell me, what other good alasan can u think of to visit people's houses ramai2?

people always say, what are friends for?
how bout we change that, or add to that.

What is family for?

i just bukak puasa. kenyang like crazy. a quick entry before i hit the showers.

have fun people.


Grandmas (one grandma from each side of the family), i wont be in kelantan for raya, so if any of u happen to have internet access at ur house, and by chance of God, learned how to navigate a computer web browser, and miraculously know the url address of this blog, and is reading this entri..

Selamat Hari Raya. Nanti bile cuti dan ada rezeki, Fasyan balik Kelantan. :D


nymphet said...

congatulations on losing weight. but i got news for u pal, ur bound to pile it back on ;) its not a bad thing..u get to eat all the fantabulous food. yummm...i cant wait! and reading ur blog made me realise how much i really miss the old days mase balik kampung. kejar ayam and all. lol! i guess i forgot over time. thanx for reminding me :)
p/s: all the buttering up means i expect an invitation if u buat open house.hehe.

mrfusyi said...

yeah, i noe its bound to pile up soon..ill definitely be stuffing my face first few days of raya. Those rendang's have to go somewhere rite? And i'll be happy to accomodate them in my tummy.hahaha~

p.s:likewise, will be waiting for an invitation from u too.hoho~