Friday, September 26, 2008

You talk boldly, way over there.

I find blogging to be a fun way for people to exchange ideas, give opinions, and let feelings out for others to note, and read, and perhaps take as an informal guide (in some cases). So, i find it a crying shame, that some have abused this new found method of expression, to cause grief and start a stir among its readers, and users.

I'm talking about those who blog laced with hatred and barbarism, and are unable to be responsible for their own words. There are some who are willing to go incognito in webspace, creating their own blog account, just for the sake of condemning others.
Jumping into people's blogs and starting a havoc, finding ants of a mistake, and take them to elephant proportions.

Have the balls to talk big, but no balls to show their own true identity. Hiding behind false names and aliases, and firing of words that could only mirror a fool..

such cowardice.

to these people, lets have a cup of tea together, im sure there's a lot we can talk about.


anger, not good..not gooooood...;p



iLLy Ramudzan said...

Selamat Hari Raya Fasyan...
jemputlah kerumah dihari raya ini.. rumah kite dekat jek rasenye. haha

mrfusyi said...

hee, probably, if ure living in subang, there im sure we're just a stones throw away.jemput2lah ke rumah ek~

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

selamat hari raya fasyan..hehe.
u sounded angry sket tuh. maaf zahir batin frenny! those are just coward acts,nothing to worry bout'


heppi holiday!

iLLy Ramudzan said...

usj4 cukup dekat?

mrfusyi said...

sangat. usj 2 di sini.haha~ raya silelah open house ek~