Friday, October 31, 2008

This week, in a nutshell

The internet has been always failing my attempts to blog, partly because i cant seem to upload pictures onto the damn page. Scruffy internet connection is not a welcoming thing, especially during this time of year, when projects and research assignments are due. (-_-!!)

Mid of last week, we had the Deans List Award for the Electrical Electronics Engineering Dept. It was special this time round because this time saw many more familliar faces, thanks to the internship we had done previously. God bless internship for CGPA boosting.

Academic talk, and nerd gibberish aside...

Looks like a bunch of people who went to the library for the first darn time..huhu

someone complained that i always put bad pictures of her in my blog and flickr. ;p. well, i find it funny, thats why i put it up.huhu~~

yeah, im out of things to write..



Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ku lepas dan bebaskan simpul serabut, dengan dendangan rakan2

Tak perlukan ayat-ayat sangat. basically we belted out our worries for the nite.;p
There was dangduts, ballads, and rock classic kapak songs..hahah,a mix not for the faint of heart, and vocal chords.hahaha~

karok jom? ;p

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I won a hamper today! V5 Artfest photography competition.runnerup je pun,but its my first time winning for my photos.huhu. Submitted with intention of getting to see them in print actually, but since i submitted mine late, it just got sent to the judges without being printed.
Lady luck must've been on my side, and my shot was deemed worthy for a small gift. ;p

the picture i sent in?

well, i sent in two. guess which one won.;p

Friday, October 24, 2008

A nice start to a bz weekend

Its the weekends, and I thank the heavens that its here.I thought that saturday would never have come around. Monday is a holiday, which is also a nice welcome, a three day weekend is how it should be from the beginning.
Somebody outhere, somewhere please make Monday a public holiday!!

2 Tests, 2 assignments and 1 final year report due next week. nice..usually a long weekend usually spells me going back home, but with the workload that is crawling up my nostrils, needing my attention, having a good rest at home is the last thing i would be able to do.

on another note, yesterday I was fortunate enough to have seen Estranged perform on stage. Actually they were there as guest artist for this event the International Culture Committee organized. Voice Talent Search, but i paid the tix with only watching Estranged in mind, not anything else.;p.Im not a big fan of the fellas, but i needed a break,and my creative juices need replenished, so there i was. A big thanks to Tubby for sponsoring the ticket. :P

There were a few gems of a voice at the show, and i have to hand it to one of the contestants for belting out Mariahs My All nicely, and also dueting with one of the guys for One Sweet Day (BoyzIIMen).
If i can find somebody who would sing like that for me, id be weak in my knees, and my heart will be in a flutter..... definitely.:D

So as usual, i noe people would love to look at pictures rather than read this mumbo jumbo i have to write, so here goes:

Tubby in action, thanks for the free tix~ wee~

I seriously did not know we had a break dance crew in utp. tite!!

One of the constestants belting out No One (Alicia Keys). Jane Ngo i think her name was.

Star of the nite, eventhough he sang out of tune, and forgot the lyrics, his comittment to performance is to be commended. Go bro Dell!!!! u rocked Isabella like it was ur own!

Forgot her name, but tremendously talented on the keys. *drool*

Doc Mat and superfriends. Doc Mat teaches Cultural Anthropology here in UTP, and fyi, Cultural Anthropology rocks!!! so i better get an A.;p

Estranged on stage.

selected pictures in flickr. do visit it ea.:D

have a nice long weekend everyone~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Its a mess.

Its the weekends,and my table is a wreck.i think i need a bigger table...ngaa.
Tough week for utpians here and othr uni students alike,gud luck people.we are going to need it,baaaad.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Media ke?

Sme of d earliest people to arrive at the hall fos Tun Mahathirs speech.bearing our cammies,we were mistaken for the media

Oh well,as long as we got good seats.haha
Pictures already pstd in flickr...sket2.

Moblog,when campus intrnt sucks big time!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monday, is never a good day.

Happy Monday people, its a lovely morning, and signs are looking positive for it to be a start of one helluva week. Nuff said.

You'd think if youve been report writing for the past 5 years or so, you'd get pretty good at it. That's not the case it seems. My report writing seems to be horrifyingly degrading. I think this blogging business is taking a toll on my formal pedulikan!!!

There has always been a question on my mind, which I have wondered about, but have been lazy to do any research on the matter. Why are there 7 days in a week? And why is it, in all our range of different cultures and races, all of us have agreed on the number 7 to count our days. My history is none to be proud of, so im sure some of u probably know the answer why this is the case. Nevermind, at least i have something to ponder about when i need some spacing out time, if there is such a hobby.;p

This is a stub, a sort of rant. I've spent most of last night in from of the computer, and this awful chair has made my punggung sore. I need to get myself a cushion.(-_-!!)
.....anybody wanna donate?

p.s. people who asks to see the Class of 2009 batch dinner pictures, i have uploaded some of them to my flickr. I'm sorry, there's over 300+ shots, and I cant upload them all. I'll distribute the pictures to their respective owners whence time permits k people.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its a game of tag, and you're it.

ditag oleh cik illy..

Rules of the tag:-

  • Link to your tagger and post these rules in your blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

well here goes..

1. I like to people watch. yeah, i cant help it, because i think its becoming a hobby. I watch how people walk, people talk, and what people wear. I believe u can tell a whole lot of things from just observing people. How they talk reflect character, how they walk reflect self confidence, what they wear...well that's just show style preferences. So watch out, i might be watching u..;p

2. Although i may seem like the type, I do not drink milk or soya milk...ill have to be really desperate or on the verge of death if i had to take a sip. My height and size is the result of NOT drinking calcium rich milk, which has made me wonder, what sorta giant i would be if i did drink it. Its hard enough being this size as it is.;p

3. In my life, i have so far seen only ONE P.Ramlee film until the end. The others, i have either not watched, or watched half way and then fell asleep. Yes, that is how unsupportive i am of the local movie industry.Even the old ones get stereotyped. So do not ask me anything too detail on those matters.

4. I find ladies who speak fluent English to be a turn on. Not because im western or anything. Because i know, these type of people will read a lot, and i like intelligent ladies. The type u can ask out to tea, and talk interestingly about boring things. ;p..Those who talk about things like fashion and lifestyle and money, as hot as they may look, just does not entice me as much.

5. I almost fell into a ravine once on a mountain biking trip (brakes were faulty,and i was going downhill). Since then, i have tried to avoid vehicles with less than 4 tires.

6. I find that paying 200bux for an item of clothing unacceptable.Maybe to indulge once in a while is ok, perhaps during Raya.other than that, i think the money is well spent on more practical, affordable clothes. That is why i shop at me cheap.hohoho~

7. I am a cat-person. I enjoy playing around with kitties, and wish to have a pet cat when i work. I need to get my lol-cat fix at least once a week (, thats how obsessed i am. And i find chicks who are into cats, also to be a plus.:D

okay, thats 7 things.i jst woke up, and this is what my still sleepy mind can muste. now must tag other 7 ppl ea?


1.pundak (sepatah dua kata)
2.kongz (beautifool life)
3.nisa (nymphet)
4. putri (hmm)
5. cherry (cherryness)
6..sape2 yang baca
7...sape2 yang nk buat..boleh tak?

have a nice day people.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

aku ketinggalan, tak mengapa, aku mahu ulas juga.

aku bukan jenis yang suka menonton filem2 melayu. aku bukan jenis yang sudah hafal semua filem2 p ramlee, sudah tonton2 muvi berkenaan anak mami, dan kenal nama2 artis2 gadis melayu yang rupawan yang muncul di kaca tv @ layar perak. aku tak pasti kenapa, mungkin kerana aku tak rasa tertarik, dan aku bosan melihat lakonan Saiful Apek yang sudah lapuk.maafkan aku, aku tahu, kita perlu sokong industri tanah air.

tapi aku tidak stereotaip kan semua, ada juga beberapa filem hasil seni tanah air yang aku rasa perlu mendapat pujian meninggi. dulu, aku pernah ulas tentang filem Sepet (dikala blog masih bertapak di friendster kalau tak silap), salah satu filem yang aku senarai pendek sebagai filem2 yang unik dan harus dilihat. ada juga beberapa yang lain, tapi memberitahu kamu semua satu per satu bukan tujuan entri kali ini.

mungkin aku lambat, atau lapuk, tapi aku baru sahaja tonton file Sepi semalam. setelah mendengar rakan2 serta ahli keluarga sendiri memberi pujian, aku akhirnya mengalah. Maybe its worth the watch.

Setelah tonton, aku marah. Ade perasaan membuak2 di dada. Marah pada diri sendiri kerana tak tonton awal, tergolong dalam mereka yang ketinggalan. Ketinggalan the emotional ride that is Sepi. Aku pasti, gadis2 mesti ada yang menangis. Pujian meninggi kepada direktor, serta pelakon, aku tak sangka boleh sampai ke tahap itu.

Aku rasa semua cukup lengkap. Skrip nya bagus, jalan cerita nya mengasyikan, cinematography mantap, lagu2 pilihan sesuai dgn tema dan feel,serta diselitkan pelakon2 hebat. oh, btw, aku baru kenal siapa itu Vanida Imran. Bertuah suami beliau.:P
mungkin kerana aku juga bulat, jadi aku rasa aku boleh relate dgn Adam (Afdlin Shauki). dan plot Sufi hampir robohkan topeng serious aku. seriously..

aku jarang mahu ulas filem2, tapi aku rasa ini aku perlu sebut.kalau kamu belum tonton, silelah tonton Sepi. kalau kamu sudah tonton, sila tinggalkan komen. Aku juga ingin tahu pendapat kalian.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Sesi berkaraoke bersama encik kong

Boleh tak, aku mahu post yang hanya gambaran2 sahaja?
argh, pedulikan, kalau tak boleh pun aku mahu juga buat. ketandusan idea untuk mengulas lebih lanjut.tambahan pula kenyang amat.

baru sudah selesai beraya di rumah kong serta berkaraoke di ruang tv rumahnya. silelah jamu mata dengan grafik2 sahaja.:D

jamuan yang disediakan oleh orang bujangan, simple, tapi kenyang. huhu~

disusuli sesi karaoke~

blogger perlu revamp kaedah picture upload mereka. buat seperti flickr senang, batch upload. mana peti surat cadangan mereka...aku anta emel..;p

rakan2, mahu gambar, nanti pulang utp aku bagi.sabar ya.:D

ps: gambar encik pundak tak ada pula, dia jadi tukang photo petang itu.tak mengapa, berharap kamera orang lain ada gambar kamu ya encik pundak.;p

Saturday, October 4, 2008

aku mahu panggil kalian makan, mungkin nanti, pabila semua dah pulang dari kampung.

aku suka buat majlis makan2, panggil rakan2 lama dan baru untuk bertandang ke rumah, berkumpul dan menjamu (untuk raya kali ini, mungkin tak sempat, maaf kalian)..

walaupun sudah ade beberapa kali dahulu, niat memanggil segerombolan, tapi yang muncul hanya beberapa (selalu disebabkan kecemasan yg tk dpt dikenalpasti), tapi tak mengapa, rakan2 yang nafsu makan tinggi ade untuk selamatkan keadaan dan habiskan makanan berlebihan (read: kong,pundak dan seangkatan). tak apa, aku tak putus asa, aku ingin panggil kalian makan lagi selagi boleh, dan selagi mampu.

aku cuba untuk tak campur gathering family dengan rakan. memanglah, senang orang kata, sekaligus kalau buat dua2, jimat masa dan sebagainya. mungkin kamu akan berfikiran begitu jika rakan2 kamu lain daripada rakan2 aku. rakan2 lelaki aku..
sudah pening mendengar pelawa2 mereka untuk cuba berkenalan dengan saudara2 gadis aku yg juga datang melawat. bukan apa, tapi aku kenal sangat kamu semua, dan aku rasa kamu perlu kembara jauh lagi jika mahu kenal saudara2 gadis aku yang orang kata menawan (aku tak tahu nak komen, sudah kenal mereka dari kecil, tapi agaknya betulah kot). lagipun, aku panggil kalian untuk makan, bukan mengorat. stakat bagi nama aku boleh, yang lain, usaha sendiri, Googlelah kalau terpaksa untuk mencari facebook mereka mahupun friendster.

satu lagi sebab aku tak berapa gemar (bukan tak suka) kalau gathering campur rakan dan family adalah permainan 'best dress and first impression' yang akan bermula di kalangan ibu serta rakan2 (read:aunties) yang lain. ya gadis2, kalau kamu ingin bertandang ke rumah aku, wear your best dress, silap haribulan nanti ade award.

"hor, comenyo hok tu Fasyan, sapo tu, coursemate ke?"
"putih sepo hok tu, bagus2, doh la juruh"
dan paling best..
"hok tu mami kene, tackle lah"..(-_-")
*sapa tak reti kelantan, mintak maaf, subtitle not provided

kepada mereka yang pernah melawat rumah aku, ketahuilah ade di kalangan kamu yang mendapat pujian yang amat..sendirilah perasan, aku tak mahu bagitahu sapa.

minta maaf rakan2 lelaki, aku tak punyai adik perempuan yang boleh kamu tackle, kalau ada pn, tak tentu aku kenalkan kepada kamu semua.;p

cuti nanti pastikan kamu tak kemana-mana.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Sepetang di kediaman Encik Pundak

Entri kali ini, aku bilang agak special...

In the festive mood that is Raya, aku telah diejemput untuk menghadiri majlis keramaian di kediaman En. Pundak (En. P). Buat julung kali aku dijemput menghadiri majlis makan2 di rumahnya, maka aku tak mahulah menolak, lagipun memang perut tengah lapar makanan2 (free).

Tambahan pula, boleh berjumpa rakan2 En. P yang lain, seperti En Masen, En AzrieIzham dan juga Cik Ixa. It always nice to meet new people.:D..Aku tak veteran blogger seperti kalian, my rantings are mostly, monologued.sila beri tunjuk ajar~

Owh, tidak lupa juga En Kong. Time kasih kerana tumpangkan aku.

Oleh kerana aku dan Kong sampai terlebih dahulu, maka peluang ini diambil untuk makan sepuas hati. rakan2 gadis En. P masih belum sampai, jadi tak perlu control mahupun kawal macho. Tak ada habuan di sekeliling.



Ulas lebih lanjut pon tak guna, kerana aku rasa gambar lagi sesuai untuk menerangkan. Tapi aku ingin puji tuan rumah, ikan keli bakar tadi...superb (ikan keli sebagai jamuan raya, aku tahu, pelik, tapi pedulikan, sedap). Jamuan laksa pun lazat. Aku concentrate makan sampai tak sempat nak mengambil gambar makanan. Maaf.;p

En P dan Kong hairan mengapa asap penuh, tapi apinya tiada.

Don't be fooled, we were effin hungry.

malas nak ngomeng.

cik ixa, sempoi sgt orangnya, dan dengar kata she can really work an oven. Pleasure to be of acquaintance miss.:D

Azrieizham dan ixa. Tak pasti, mereka adik beradik ke cane...(0_o?). Trima kasih ke Azrieizham kerana memberi peluang untuk aku bermain kamera nya. Pertama kali cuba.;p

En. Masen dan En. Pundak.

Aku berniat juga untuk mengenali rakan2 gadis En Pundak yang lain, tetapi hari pula makin lewat, dan mereka tiba lambat. Tak sempatlah aku nak berjumpa betegur sapa. Diharap En. Pundak dapat mengirimkan salam kepada mereka2. hohoho

dan tak lupa, sebelum pulang, kami bersalaman dgn bapa encik pundak.Beraturlah kami bersalaman, tiba ke giliran Kong, die tenung muka bapa encik pundak, dan tanpa fikir dua kali berkata
"Terima kasih Pundak."
Kemudian beredar..

terlalu kenyang agaknya....


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

no puedo dormir

Aku tak dapat nak tidur. tak pasti sama ada ia kerana sebab terlalu biasa tidur lambat masa bulan puasa, sebab cuaca malam tak cukup nyaman, sebab dah tidur petang tadi, atau sebab2 lain.

Yang pasti, aku tak lena lelapkan mata di atas kamar, terasa kekurangan. Masa beginilah aku akan mula untuk bertemu sahabat lama (rakan2 yang rapat denganku akan tahu apakah ia), tenung kepadanya lama2, dan mengimbas kembali hidup aku setakat ini.

baring berfikiran...ok...termenung more like...;p

Ya, aku memang jenis yang suka berfikiran panjang... kerana aku percaya, setiap benda yang sudah, sedang, dan akan dilakukan, ada kesannya terhadap sekeliling. what you do effects people, in ways u sometimes cannot imagine.

I believe Newton did not only unravel the laws of physics, but also the law of everything by stating simply,
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Aku tak tahu sama ada ia adalah niat Newton untuk meringkaskan dasar kehidupan so eloquently in one single line, but he sure nailed it spot on.

Tapi itu aku. Mungkin itu adalah imaginasi aku berkata-kata, lamunan aku yang fikir terlalu dalam. Aku sumpah, kalau ada kerjaya untuk mengelamun dan bermenung, aku rasa sudah pasti aku sudah jadi professional bidang itu.

Mungkin kata2 watak yang dilakonkan the late and talented Heath Ledger itu ade implikasi dalam situasi sebegini.
Why so serious?(sebut dengan gaya ok rakan2)

where is my rambling leading to?

entah, aku pon tak pasti, but sleep eludes me, and i have nothing else to do, so here i am..talking, writing, and fortifying the chambers of my inner demons.

daría mi corazón,en una placa de plata


ok, apa aku bebelkan ini?