Saturday, October 18, 2008

Its a mess.

Its the weekends,and my table is a wreck.i think i need a bigger table...ngaa.
Tough week for utpians here and othr uni students alike,gud luck people.we are going to need it,baaaad.


nymphet said...

honey,u havent seen my joint...LOL. u call that messy???! tsk tsk

mrfusyi said...

post it up for us to see, and ill judge whether its messy or not.loL~

i need to be tidier..;p

asam-manis said...

wat is it with utp students and pics of their table??

*referring to sang putri's pic as well*

btw,dats not messy..ive seen worst..haha..

mrfusyi said...

haha, i think put copied my entry!
i'm going to have to ask from her some royalty or

mebe ill post one when its nice and kemas.huhu~

Shira-chan said...


u call that messy??

you should see my table on a regular day at utp. not even near to finals, or tests. my table is always so covered in stuff and junk, you can't even tell there's a table under there. mwahahaha.