Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its a game of tag, and you're it.

ditag oleh cik illy..

Rules of the tag:-

  • Link to your tagger and post these rules in your blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

well here goes..

1. I like to people watch. yeah, i cant help it, because i think its becoming a hobby. I watch how people walk, people talk, and what people wear. I believe u can tell a whole lot of things from just observing people. How they talk reflect character, how they walk reflect self confidence, what they wear...well that's just show style preferences. So watch out, i might be watching u..;p

2. Although i may seem like the type, I do not drink milk or soya milk...ill have to be really desperate or on the verge of death if i had to take a sip. My height and size is the result of NOT drinking calcium rich milk, which has made me wonder, what sorta giant i would be if i did drink it. Its hard enough being this size as it is.;p

3. In my life, i have so far seen only ONE P.Ramlee film until the end. The others, i have either not watched, or watched half way and then fell asleep. Yes, that is how unsupportive i am of the local movie industry.Even the old ones get stereotyped. So do not ask me anything too detail on those matters.

4. I find ladies who speak fluent English to be a turn on. Not because im western or anything. Because i know, these type of people will read a lot, and i like intelligent ladies. The type u can ask out to tea, and talk interestingly about boring things. ;p..Those who talk about things like fashion and lifestyle and money, as hot as they may look, just does not entice me as much.

5. I almost fell into a ravine once on a mountain biking trip (brakes were faulty,and i was going downhill). Since then, i have tried to avoid vehicles with less than 4 tires.

6. I find that paying 200bux for an item of clothing unacceptable.Maybe to indulge once in a while is ok, perhaps during Raya.other than that, i think the money is well spent on more practical, affordable clothes. That is why i shop at me cheap.hohoho~

7. I am a cat-person. I enjoy playing around with kitties, and wish to have a pet cat when i work. I need to get my lol-cat fix at least once a week (, thats how obsessed i am. And i find chicks who are into cats, also to be a plus.:D

okay, thats 7 things.i jst woke up, and this is what my still sleepy mind can muste. now must tag other 7 ppl ea?


1.pundak (sepatah dua kata)
2.kongz (beautifool life)
3.nisa (nymphet)
4. putri (hmm)
5. cherry (cherryness)
6..sape2 yang baca
7...sape2 yang nk buat..boleh tak?

have a nice day people.


nymphet said...

Reading this makes me realise we have a lot in common:) although its not what i would think of writing first thing in the morning :P

1) I love to people watch too. But i try not to although some people are just downright odd-looking

2) How could you not like milk!!! if i wasn't allergic to it, id have it every single day of my life. But i gotta stick to soy. Its not that bad, but it aint milk. What about chocolate then??

3) I think ive watched bits and bobs of P.Ramlee movies. But i cant remember which ones though. Theyre pretty good.

4) YYYYESSS... i find the opposite sex being able to speak good english as a total turn onnnn. Even more when they know some other exotic,foreign language :)
asking for too much eih?

5) Cant relate to this one. sorry :)

6) F.O.S has some good stuff. I like checking out their stuff..and buying :) i think people that know me well can assure u that.hehe. Rm 200 for a baju is fine as long as im not paying for it. haha

7) How could anybody not love cats? but i really wish i could have a dog too..hehe...wish only.

btw, what happened to ur facebook?

and i should stop here and get back into my territory kan? haha. its like ive taken over. just that reading this post made me smile.

mrfusyi said...

huhu, we do have things in common now dont we? that's nice~
and i do agree, how could anybody not love cats kan?hairan2..(0_o?)..they're just so innocent looking..huhu

facebook ade, but deactivated for the time being. some things to settle.;p
and why were u smiling again? lol~

nymphet said...

i dont know why i smiled when i read this. prolly coz i can relate to what ur saying, and i can just imagine u typing it, thinking about it.. anyway, when uve settled ur probs, come back to facebook. its kinda fun to see dorky pics :)
Anyways,i should cut it short. keep up with the nice warm posts

mrfusyi said...

haha, dorky pics huh~ always good to know.:D

ill keep up with the posts as long as they're people who wants to read.:)

Shira-chan said...

1. oh noes. be afraid. be very afraid... NOT. XD

2. I am living proof that drinking milk/ soya milk daily does NOT help you grow taller. =____= so don't worry, I believe you.

3. at least you've seen ONE. I have seen NONE. hahahahaha

4. well, that's refreshing. i was under the impression that all guys judged women buy their boobs.
hmmm... do u mean boobs + brains, or just brains? I'm warning you though, that the former is much harder to find. ahahahahaha.

5. scary!!! >___<

6. I like splurging on clothes... when I have money. haha... but usually, I can just ask mum, 'nyways =P

7. yay, a fellow lolcats addict!! now, I just need to find someone who's also addicted to loldogs...

ChErRynEsS said...


how cud u tagg me~~

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

how can u tag "spe2 je yg bce??"