Friday, October 24, 2008

A nice start to a bz weekend

Its the weekends, and I thank the heavens that its here.I thought that saturday would never have come around. Monday is a holiday, which is also a nice welcome, a three day weekend is how it should be from the beginning.
Somebody outhere, somewhere please make Monday a public holiday!!

2 Tests, 2 assignments and 1 final year report due next week. nice..usually a long weekend usually spells me going back home, but with the workload that is crawling up my nostrils, needing my attention, having a good rest at home is the last thing i would be able to do.

on another note, yesterday I was fortunate enough to have seen Estranged perform on stage. Actually they were there as guest artist for this event the International Culture Committee organized. Voice Talent Search, but i paid the tix with only watching Estranged in mind, not anything else.;p.Im not a big fan of the fellas, but i needed a break,and my creative juices need replenished, so there i was. A big thanks to Tubby for sponsoring the ticket. :P

There were a few gems of a voice at the show, and i have to hand it to one of the contestants for belting out Mariahs My All nicely, and also dueting with one of the guys for One Sweet Day (BoyzIIMen).
If i can find somebody who would sing like that for me, id be weak in my knees, and my heart will be in a flutter..... definitely.:D

So as usual, i noe people would love to look at pictures rather than read this mumbo jumbo i have to write, so here goes:

Tubby in action, thanks for the free tix~ wee~

I seriously did not know we had a break dance crew in utp. tite!!

One of the constestants belting out No One (Alicia Keys). Jane Ngo i think her name was.

Star of the nite, eventhough he sang out of tune, and forgot the lyrics, his comittment to performance is to be commended. Go bro Dell!!!! u rocked Isabella like it was ur own!

Forgot her name, but tremendously talented on the keys. *drool*

Doc Mat and superfriends. Doc Mat teaches Cultural Anthropology here in UTP, and fyi, Cultural Anthropology rocks!!! so i better get an A.;p

Estranged on stage.

selected pictures in flickr. do visit it ea.:D

have a nice long weekend everyone~


iLLy Ramudzan said...

Happy Deepavali ... owh yea~ three day weekends..

Jazlin Ernida said...

estranged sounds fun. wanted to go, but then i've decided to spend the long weekend home. wee :)

mrfusyi said...

@illy ramudza
happy deepa. long weekend.weee~~~

@jazlin ernida
they were fun, but i bet your having a blast at home too~ ngaa, want to go home so bad.T~T

nymphet said...

Someone had the guts to sing Mariah's song? woah.. thats well brave of her :p but those 2 songs are a good choice. very nice :) weak in the knees huh?? LOL!!!!