Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monday, is never a good day.

Happy Monday people, its a lovely morning, and signs are looking positive for it to be a start of one helluva week. Nuff said.

You'd think if youve been report writing for the past 5 years or so, you'd get pretty good at it. That's not the case it seems. My report writing seems to be horrifyingly degrading. I think this blogging business is taking a toll on my formal pedulikan!!!

There has always been a question on my mind, which I have wondered about, but have been lazy to do any research on the matter. Why are there 7 days in a week? And why is it, in all our range of different cultures and races, all of us have agreed on the number 7 to count our days. My history is none to be proud of, so im sure some of u probably know the answer why this is the case. Nevermind, at least i have something to ponder about when i need some spacing out time, if there is such a hobby.;p

This is a stub, a sort of rant. I've spent most of last night in from of the computer, and this awful chair has made my punggung sore. I need to get myself a cushion.(-_-!!)
.....anybody wanna donate?

p.s. people who asks to see the Class of 2009 batch dinner pictures, i have uploaded some of them to my flickr. I'm sorry, there's over 300+ shots, and I cant upload them all. I'll distribute the pictures to their respective owners whence time permits k people.



nymphet said...

Id like 8 days in a week. do u think it might change to 8 days a week one day?

mrfusyi said...

if it means 3 day weekends and not 6 day weekdays, then i think its brilliant idea!

who do we have to talk to, to get this started?huhu~

Si Putri said...



ur not as sopan as ur off-blog..

cant bring ur self to write 'ass' eyh?

o mebe grafiks will do..


btw, hey babe!

nymphet said...

put, are u talking about me or fasyan?? when am i ever rude??? i am T-total innocent and sweet!!!