Friday, October 31, 2008

This week, in a nutshell

The internet has been always failing my attempts to blog, partly because i cant seem to upload pictures onto the damn page. Scruffy internet connection is not a welcoming thing, especially during this time of year, when projects and research assignments are due. (-_-!!)

Mid of last week, we had the Deans List Award for the Electrical Electronics Engineering Dept. It was special this time round because this time saw many more familliar faces, thanks to the internship we had done previously. God bless internship for CGPA boosting.

Academic talk, and nerd gibberish aside...

Looks like a bunch of people who went to the library for the first darn time..huhu

someone complained that i always put bad pictures of her in my blog and flickr. ;p. well, i find it funny, thats why i put it up.huhu~~

yeah, im out of things to write..



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iXa said...

geez, deans list! congrats man!