Saturday, October 25, 2008


I won a hamper today! V5 Artfest photography competition.runnerup je pun,but its my first time winning for my photos.huhu. Submitted with intention of getting to see them in print actually, but since i submitted mine late, it just got sent to the judges without being printed.
Lady luck must've been on my side, and my shot was deemed worthy for a small gift. ;p

the picture i sent in?

well, i sent in two. guess which one won.;p


iXa said...

my god. both are chantek. i envy you people who manage to snap here and there and at times are able to deceive the eyes of others with your photos.

tatau mana menang. yang bawah kut. yang atas cam typical street photo?

iLLy Ramudzan said...

i like the first one better... so full of life...

hehee... congratulations~!

mrfusyi said...

huhu, thanks~ ur words propel me to shoot even more things.loL~

erm,u like the bottom one more ea? interesting.;p

mrfusyi said...

yeah, actually the first one bagged me the prize. huu~

thanks ladies, for the compliments~:D

Haeqal said...


(kalut2 type pakai wireless sambil berlari naek tangga gi umah ko nak pau hamper skett :p)

mrfusyi said...

haha, thanks bro!
mari2, sblom hamper abes ditelan rakan2 lain!

Si Putri said...

i want the jelis!!

asam-manis said...

nice piccas~
i like the first one better..

p/s: jgn bg sang putri tuh mkn byk jelis~ haha..

mrfusyi said...

tenkiu2 miss asam manis~

ill be sure to finish them jelis a.s.a.p!! huhu~