Friday, January 2, 2009


School holidays, and its raining. I am now staving off the urge to sleep. God knows thats the last thing i would want to do.
Sleep in the afternoon, and wake up all groggy. Look out the window to find its almost Maghrib, and wondered if i have done Asar or not.

Its not a good cycle, so as tempting as it is to sleep, im propping my eyes wide open. @_@
hopefully it lasts...

so i was thinking of a new years resolution. Since everyone seem to have them, i probably should consider of it too. Then i remembered i did make some sort of resolution early of 2008, as described here.

Which got me thinking...

how much of it have i actually done?

well, looking thru it, not much, let me tell that. no surprises there..(-_-!!)

so, rather than make new ones, why not bring the ones i did not complete to this year. would make things a whole lot easier for me, tak perlu fikir dalam2 dan lama2.

Yeah, sounds like an excuse not to think.
maybe it is? i mean, its the holidays, and wringing the brain for ideas can be taxing on a brain set for 'Holiday' mode.

Dont worry brain, ill put u back to work in a couple of weeks. Just dont get to rusty before that.

what the pish am i rambling continuously on about?

nothing really...


its me, trying not to doze off.

yeah, not working. *kr0o0o0oo0o0hhhh*

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