Friday, April 17, 2009

Its a three day weekend here for Perakians.

Looking out, the parking lots seems emptier than usual. Most probably driving their homesick selves back home this very day.

Its a Friday, and thank God. I have never seemed to look forward to a Friday as much as this week. A lot can happen it seem in the 5 weekdays. About midweek i was coming up with reasons why isnt there always a three-day weekend.
2 is such an even number, why not 3?

All good things come in three's rite?

The three musketeers for instance...

and there's three main meals in a day..

most good looking things they say, are in thirds of proportions. (whatever that means)

and we so happened to be on the third planet from the sun. (ye ke?)


holidays aside..

There is a sort of depression that follows the end of any weekend,

on a Sunday, when the thought of Monday is on the back of your head.

U know, the feeling.

"crabs, monday."
"i still got those asements to do"
"and got test too"
"heben paid my summons"
"theres still 4 more days from monday, to the next weekend"

not trying to think of it, just makes me want to think about it more.
u know like they say,

"Dont think of an Apple!!!!"

what do u do?

u think of an apple, a bright red one right smack dab in the middle of ur mind frame. why? because the sentence think of an apple is in the sentence.

(btw, do try and think of an apple for a while, and think hard. what do u see? ask urself these questions.
"Do I see the picture of an apple, or the workd 'apple' in my head?"
"Is the picture in my head in color, or old school black and white?"
"Where is the location of the picture in my head, is it in the center, top left corner, top right?"

answer this, and think on it, and the concept of mind mapping will make sense... i think..)

so where am i going sebenarnya with all this?


no where sebenarnya, i feel it that i owe it to rant here. Anybody not doing anything this weekend? kam2, lets hang2~


Illy said...

jom hang~

lega minggu ni sudah over.

Dayana said...

haha. sungguh tidak ada point. saye pun konfius membacanya, macam mendengar cerita-ceriti rumet.

ChErRynEsS said...


mrfusyi said...

kan, lega sungguh. one helluva week id say. fuh2~

randomness, its starting to be a habit.;p

@cherry mama