Sunday, November 30, 2008

when all u need, is a darn good book

A few days into the holidays, and what can i say. I come home to find that i have been moved to a bigger room (fomerly the tv/lounge space upstairs), which is a nice surprise. But there's heck of a lot of stuff as big as the space is, and i think some sorting out needs to be done a.s.a.p.

You'd be surprised at the amount of books scattered in my house. Some of which are now safely collecting dust on the shelves.
Mum being a teacher means that there's tons of books on Maths and Science everywhere, from workbooks to textbooks to folders filled with past papers. There's always the question of whether to throw or not to throw out the old outdated books. There's always a 'just in case' involved whenever we decide to chuck away the old books.

Just in case we need to revise the old syllabus.
Just in case my bro might want to use it in a couple of years.
Just in case we just might need it.

Then to add to the collection are dad's old books, business books mostly. I reckon they were purchased at a time when he was still studying. I'm not sure who would want to read those, but they're still around, awaiting a keen eye to lay upon them one day. Dad also collect books on things like
"Keeping a positive mind"
"8 books you must read"
or something along those lines. Sort of motivational books he collects during his travels here and there. most of which ends up on the shelves after a good one round.

And there's my books, ones collected these past few years as a budding engineer. Honestly speaking though, there are some of the books that have still crisp pages, and covers hard and new. ;p
Cant blame me for losing interest in a book filled with jargons and numbers u'd take a while to understand. *sigh*

and there's the bunch of other books thats lost somewhere in the mix. The story books that's been thrice read cover to cover, the books that were bought at a flea market and no one seems to read since they were bought, the books that we have no idea came from where but seems to always be there, and the books that were once leisure reading material for mum and dad when they were in their teens.

now, we cant seem to have a proper place to put them all. so now here they are, in my room, the whole lot (after what dad said to be a whole day of filtering through the pile, the collection now has minimized in size). All mixed and matched, in no particular order or category. They fall under one general category, 'book'.;p
When i'm bored, i go through the shelves, and i occasionally find a good book to read. Well, not that good, but its something to put me to sleep.......more or less.

unless of course, some of you would be a dear, and sing me a lullaby? :)


iLLy Ramudzan said...

i can sing off-tune and out of key.. but then, you wouldn't be able to sleep. my family has loads of books too. only the school books comes from my siblings, the engineering books from my dad and the businessy books from me and my sis.. my mum? the religious ones... hehehehe.

nymphet said...

i got books everywhere too, but most of them are quite boring, especially my dad's books.hehe. but i have to say, a boring book drives me faster asleep compared to a nice sweet lullaby :p unless of course i sing it myself..hehe