Saturday, November 15, 2008

on another note.

Its interesting, how things can get more complicated the more u try to un-complexify it. How it snowballs to something bigger, when all ure trying to do, its limit things to within ur area of control.

A one on one confrontation, can on the upbeat, turn into a bloody battle royale. Sparked from any reasons whatsoever, its hard to contain the battle ,if everyone is pushing people inside the ring, willingly, and unwillingly. Spectators tend to get tied up in the mix, either in the ring punching it out, or on the sidelines, shouting out words to egg people on....
and if bad luck would have it, a stray punch catches one in the chin, teeth spattered on the floor, and one realize that they were never meant to be in the fight in the first place.

its hard when your pulling punches to those who are hidden to u. u dont know who is on whose team, all incognito, trying to play both sides. So u keep ur punches to a minimal, and raise the white flag early. Pray to the Lord, that ur enemies have not multiplied with the stray punches that u dished out.

They say, you shud keep punching, fight the fight that keeps on coming, to the very last.
What i'd say is, if u can surrender now, and end up with lesser enemies, why not do so now? There's no shame in admitting defeat.

Let me pave this world, a one man army.

and oh, just fyi. this is my space to write. if any of you have any qualms with the things i write, then feel free to email me, or leave a comment. or, start your own blog, and write about it there.
adding more creative writing people in the world, is never a bad thing.

or u can just piss off.


sweetalker and rotten through and through.

perhaps ill live up to that expectation. ill prove them correct at least.


iXa said...

what's up?

mrfusyi said...

random things.aih2.
cant wait for the holidays.wargh!!

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

i wanna b teh one yang pissed off! hahaha
no la. pick up a gun! sho0t someone. heEeEeEeEeEe

nymphet said...

why la u sound so pissed off. i think someone needs a holiday :)

mrfusyi said...

yeah, if only life were that simple. id shoot anybody who crosses my path!!

yeah, i'm a grumpy ol thing nowadays.
and heck yeah, i need a good holiday!!

btw, exams are finish for u?