Friday, November 7, 2008

You know that fat kid that always got picked on in school?

Its funny, apabila aku teringatkan zaman kanak-kanak aku dulu. Lucu. Lucu bukan sebab aku jenis yang suka buat lawak, people who knew me back then would certainly know this. Seingat aku dulu, aku bukan jenis yang selesa berjenaka, dan tak tahu selok belok untuk membuat lawak2 spontan. Aku rasa aku juga tak reti membuat kawan, sebab seingat aku masa skolah rendah, rakan-rakan aku tak ramai.
Aku hanya punyai seorang rakan baik semasa aku darjah 5 & 6. Budak berketurunan India, devout Christian, bernama Joseph. Kenal pun kerana dia duduk di meja sebelah, kalau tidak, entah kenal nama pun tidak.

and in case u were wondering.

Yeah, i was always the loser fat kid that people would pick on, and my childhood days were cold and lonely.

Aku ingat, aku bukan budak popular di sekolah rendah. Tak hairanlah, pabila aku jumpa orang-orangan di UTP ini yang pernah satu skolah rendah dengan aku dulu, kelas sebelah lagi, mereka tak ingat aku. sedih bukan? well, i dont blame them, my primary school years*tty, and i have a personal grudge against this one teacher of mine.grrr....

that aside..

Sepanjang hidup aku sekolah rendah, dan separuh masa aku di alam sekolah menengah, aku hanya ditemani buku-buku. Lepas sekolah, masa apabila rakan-rakan lain bergegas mahu pulang, aku akan melangkah ke library. Baca majalah, dan akan tengok di rak "Latest arrivals" untuk judul2 buku yang menarik. Library di sekolah aku masa itu, St Mary's, memang heaven aku masa lepas sekolah. its was my fortress, and it was there i was in my zone.

Yeah, the life i lead back then was a boring bookworm one.(-_-!!)

Aku ke sekolah menaiki tren, dan pulang berjalan kaki. The routine was so much so revolved around books, yang aku akan membaca sambil berjalan. My feet were so familiar with the route home, that i don't need my eyes to see where i'm going. Only the occasional glance now and then to make sure i dont walk into any traffic, and that's about it.

Aku ingat lagi, tahun 2000 kalau tak silap, aku bawa pulang buku Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Mrs Gurmeet (librarian) kata she just got the book, and wondered if i would like to have a go at it first.
Aku ingat, ayah aku lihat aku berguling di atas sofa, membaca buku si Harry itu.
He took a look at the cover, which at the time had only childish illustrations, and asked me what on earth was i reading,. Iwas prompted to put it away, and go to bed.

That was so many years ago, so so many years. And it has been a while since i snug myself into a good book. Sekarang aku tak punyai masa untuk melayan fantasi, melayan bahan bacaan kecuali yang berkaitan nombor2 kejuruteraan.

Now, at 22, still chubby, i find that i miss reading. However, i think i've met some of the most interesting people within this last few years. So hey, i dont read that much anymore, but at least i have more people around me now, who i hope, i can call friends.

aww, nice huh? huhu~

there's more to come btw, when i feel like writing.

and oh, de ja vu...i think ive written about this some time ago...;p


iXa said...

chubby? where got? *sigh* some ppl really need an eye check.

Dayana said...

you can still read books and have friends, you know. tak perlu ada 'sistem barter' like that.

Oprah siap buat book club lagi. hehe.

::Fariz Kongz:: said...

However, i think i've met some of the most interesting people within this last few years. sweet~~~

mrfusyi said...

haha, i take it as a compliment. although i really do think i am on the more chubby side..ngaa..i need the good E..exercise.;p

i dont think its a barter system like that, i still wanna read, but i find it harder to read when surrounded by great funny people! uhuhu.
any book recommendations btw? ;p



aku bukan mmg slalu sweet ke?

Dayana said...

Catcher In The Rye is a fun book. Lagipun dia nipis dan mudah dibawa kemana-mana.

iLLy Ramudzan said...

the story of the fat kid in school. i've now THREE versions including yours.

the first one i heard, the fat kid turned hottie took revenge on the world and began to break girls heart.

the second one is now a guy's guy who actually tries to protect me from the first fat kid mentioned.

u fasyan? maybe the second one..

p.s: i am still the fat kid, who read books and has loads of friends...

nymphet said...

so u were a bit not so famous...but what counts is now my friend. look at me, i use to be thinner and people knew who i was (id like to think so...hehe) and now im fat and people go 'whos nisa??'. enough of 'woe is me' aight. ur far from all uve mentioned.and yes, people are far more interesting...especially people like!! she's the feaking whole encyclopedia

mrfusyi said...

herm.. catcher in the rye huh.sounds familliar. mebe ill give it a go after finals.huhu

just fyi, the first book i read seriously was 'Remember Me?'..forgot the author though...

@illy ramudzan

the story of the fat lonely kid, has many manifestations. and most of them end up being cool people. like us! lol~


yeah, true2. no worries, it not a moral down kinda entry though, huhu. its a reminiscence kinda entry. i've no qualms about who i am now.:P
and owh, u owe me a movie date rite? lol~

Shira-chan said...

I wasn't the fat lonely kid... but I was the dorky-looking lonely kid. And the library was my refuge both in primary school and secondary school.

Owh well.. what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? haha. Oh, and I still love to read. =P

nymphet said...

yeah, i do macho man..wait, isnt it suppose to be 'i owe you a movie date' lets see if it happens. good luck for ur exams btw.

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

hehehe..cute post...
reminds me of my zmn2 kanak2 ribena
i was d fat girl who owiz got pick oso...
not nemore of coz..hehehe...