Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hey, so its been a while.

I should be writing more..a self reminder...God knows there are a sure heck of a lot of things racing through my head at any particular time..all wanting attention, and all end up being put on hold. I have never been the quaint multi tasker.

so, finally, exams are over. after what it seems like a long couple of weeks, im once again rid of the books and pens for a couple of weeks. I have so looked forward to the days after the exams, but when they do come around i find myself wondering. Wondering what am I to do to fill in the times that i have now been blessed with so abundantly.

I have always thought that i wanted to live a bum life. Maybe live on a tropical island, where my activities revolves around water, and lazing about in a hammock between coconut trees. That is what i have always thought would be the life for me....
but now i dont see me ever surviving that...seriously..

I have slowly to begin turning into somewhat of a workaholic. In which case i have no idea if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Its because i find that when i have work to do, i have a reason not to worry about other things. I have a reason to be just shut in, and keep my head in work.
Its sort of therapeutic at times, a confidence boost when for once, ure done with ur work way ahead of time. :P

What to do, what to do..

I think ill just keep my behind at home for the upcoming few days into the holidays. De stress the stressed, and just get into my holiday mood.
Lupakan sahaja perkara-perkara remeh seperti buku dan pena dan kalkulator. Aku relieve them of their duties buat sementara waktu.

Happy Holidays People, have a good one. :D


iLLy Ramudzan said...

holidays.. i miss those.

mrfusyi said...

tell tale signs that u need 'em. ;p~

iLLy Ramudzan said...

badly... i need them badly. dah la esok my 2nd visit. and im still freaking out.