Tuesday, December 9, 2008

kitty kat

for all the mean kitties out there.
i lol'ed so hard.

genius, genius!!!


nymphet said...

lil' kit kity, lil' kit kitty.. i want a caaaaat!

Shira-chan said...

hehe... can't believe u only just found out about Mean Kitty... this lil' fella has been around a looong time... =P Sparta is sosososo freakin' cute!!

but then again, I only just found out about Hard Gay last week, so i guess we're even. wahahaha XD

mrfusyi said...

aww~ dont miss ur kitties too much now. huhu~

i noe! so late lah i discover the video. ;p
i really have to start youtoubing a lot more. huhu~~