Wednesday, December 24, 2008

versi melayu, ada? smexy.

I have fallen for the smooth sounds of the very talented Corrinne. Classy voice, soothing tunes..and yeah, she's cute too.

Definitely one of those songs to listen to when making babies..*cheeky2*

Sesiapa yang rasa diri mampu nyanyi seperti Corinne atau Norah Jones. Tinggal komen and nombor telefon. I'll be in touch with u soon. :P



Si Putri said...

'Definitely one of those songs to listen to when making babies..*cheeky2*'


im too young for all this!


nymphet said...

haha..ur right there fusyi...those sexy tunes..gets u in the mood eih?? haha...but the way u put it seems rather funny...haha
and si putri is just acting all innocent..deep down she's thinking the same ;P
i think the Malaysian Norah Jones is Noryn

mrfusyi said...

@Si Putri

pfft, yeah ur thinking of the same thing.

Noryn Aziz? Who? ngaaa, i so fail in this.
ill have a listen to her, i trust ur taste.huhu~

asam-manis said...

i think yuna sounds like norah jones a bit..