Thursday, December 25, 2008

morning, for once.

I'm up early, not because of a change in habits, but i was hungry like crazy. I woke up to a rumbling tummy.

Go figure..

Got tagged miss Illy. Seems interesting.

Here goes.

Do you think you are hot?

No. I do think i'm cool though sometimes. How bout that? ;p

Upload a favorite picture of you.

Why do you like that picture?

Well, not everyday i get sandwiched by such color coordinated ladies. I feel...privileged, i think is the word.;p

When was the last time you ate pizza?
Tadi, leftovers from yesterday. Zaas for breakfast, the cornerstone of a nutritious meal ey. lol

The last song you listen to?
Awie-Nur Nilam Sari. Its never too early in the morning for a dose of Awie rock.

What name you prefer beside yours?
A name people would call me?
Pashy, or fusyi2. Hence the inspiration for Mr Fusyi.
Now u know.

People to tag?
En. Pundak
You who is reading this.

Who is number one?
Osmet. *Does secret handshake*

Number three is having relationship with?
Herself. I know u look in the mirror everyday tubs and puji diri how cute u look.

Say something about number five?
He/she is now reading my blog.

How about number four?
Cherrylicous. Probably bored to death from what i read in her blog.Jom2 shoot!!

And who is number two?
Osmet. *Does secret handshake again*.
And oh, a robot aficionado. Go go cococon?


Si Putri said...


i dun heb to luket mirror born cute..


encikpundak said...

oh.. aku ditag.. maaf tidak berkesempatan hendak buat.. huhu

mrfusyi said...

@si putri
mebe u born witit, mebe it mebeline~~

sahaja isi masa lapang, aku tak sibuk menukang robot seperti