Monday, December 8, 2008

Salam perayaan, salam sejahtera.

Another celebration for Muslims have come and gone, and im guessing most of us are having full tummies right about now...full and content.;p

its another Raya Haji celebration away from kampung. another Raya in the suburbs of Subang Jaya, bertemankan jalan raya yang jam dan traffic yang tak putus2. Masjid penuh dengan warga asing, who mostly have jobs at the nearby Mydin or Giant. They seem to be making the most of it, so i take it in stride to make the most of the Qurban too.

Simillar to the year before, this year the nearby Masjid ade menjalankan upacara sembelihan, and as usual, Dad bought satu bahagian. I have never been strong in the stomach, to actually witness the slaughter of the cow itself.


im sure its a common thing...kan?

anyhoo, low tolerance for gushing blood aside, i went to help with the slaughtering anyways. well, its mostly jumping in, and helping anyone who needed help with the tugging and the pulling, u know, to tumbangkan the lembu itself.

I've always wondered, why the cows here in malaysia dont have the black and white tompok like we have been accustomed to associate with....

Then there is the tindih-ing, while they cow is slaughtered. There was this one situation on this one cow, where i was literally only inches away from his test*cles. There were people pushing me from above, weighing me down onto the lembu, and i was trying desperately to avoid a face-balls incident.

Crap2, let it not touch me, let it not touch me..

lesson learned: if u have to tindih a lembu, pick a part away from its business area, the tummy or torso would be a good choice.

7 cows worth of tugging and tindih-ing later, i was covered in cow dung and mud and decided that i will never have a future in cow wrangling (or domestication of any animals for that matter).

The menu for the whole day of yesterday was kambing and lembu masak macam2. i am now still stuffed, but there's some kari from yesterday with my name on it.

lunch time bro, wanna join?


nymphet said...

ok, first of all its NOT as common as u think (blood,fainting) i think its some kinda condition right?
and cows balls??? u must be traumatized man!!! hahaha...i cant help but have these weird images in my head!!!!

mrfusyi said...

hahah, get the images out!! out2!!

Jazlin Ernida said...

oh i know why cows in malaysia don't have that black & white tompoks. those black & white are lembu tenusu, rear for their milk. yang takde tompok tompok tu lembu daging.

hee, i pun baru tau this fact :D

mrfusyi said...


fakta baru!!
so im guessing malaysia tak bnyk lembu2 tenusu la ea. huhu~