Friday, December 5, 2008

my feet are sore, help.

Just finished a three day visit to the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC), a few major lessons were learned.

1. Job market is tight, better bring ass into gear and move plan ahead a.s.a.p
saw a whole lot of students scouting potential companies they would like to work with. With a whole bunch load of engineers graduating every semester, i think it wise for people to start looking out for opportunities. Apparently the field is now looking to hire a whole bunch of young professionals to replace the baby boomer generation. Better work out those resumes, and send em flying a.s.a.p.

2. Exhibitions means freebies, and freebies means good stuff for zero cost.
No wonder Dad always comes home rocking with good stuff everytime he comes home from an exibition. Diaries, pens, caps, shirts, hampers, u name it. I deem it ,the poor mans version of shopping, u see what u like, and instead of paying for it, u ask for it.
"can i have a pendrive?"
"can i take this mug?"
some of us who are not so comfortable being so direct, might strike up a conversation with the people in charge at the booth. Asking inquisitive questions, showing interest on the company profile, and then stand around for a bit.. they sure to be passing u a bag if u hang around long enough.
cheapskates, arent we all deep inside? lol~

3. Dress shoes suck for walkies, wear loafers next time.
i come home, with my foot feeling like a brick. it refuses to listen to instructions, and sends nasty pain signals to my brain everytime i walk..a quick jump on by Ichin relieved it for a i understand why people dont buy Bata shoes. (-_-!!)

note to self: get foot massager when have own money, or get filthy rich and get own masseuse. *growl* ;p

dead post. this is not good for blog, no no..


on another note, congratulations to bro Aiman, Graduated First Class Honors, Uni of Cantebury.
now, guess its up to me huh?


nymphet said...

i want freebies tooo!! save me some. and i think u shud stick to a foot massage..if u knoe what i mean *WINK*...and thats a big wink.haha.

mrfusyi said...

i'll save u a paperclip. remind me when u come back to malaysia aite~:P

*WINK* right back at u!

::Fariz Kongz:: said...

kaman bro...ape guna pergi PKN 3months...3 hari jalan pun dah semput...miahahaha

p/s: my feet r effin sore too...shhh...dun tell anyone~

asam-manis said...

jadi volunteer for such programs pun best gak..u get to mingle with the officials and u can get the leftover freebies~ oh wait, leftover freebies? that doesnt sound right..oh well..haha..

mrfusyi said...

lettover freebies

two words so familiar to my vocabulary, when put together, sounds just wonderful. :P

Aiman said...

leftover freebies, i